Dream Guy Of The Month Of January! Mr. Sensitive....

                                  Dream Guy of The Month 
                                             Of January 2012
                                      Matthew Macfadyen
                                           Mr. Sensitive           

I absolutely feel in love with Mr. Macfadyen in Pride & Prejudice. 

Matthew tend to have this memorable stare (which made me fall in love with him in the first place) 
It's a stare that makes you shiver. 

Almost ever movie I've seen Matthew Mcafadeny star in he is given that stare. 
It's a stare of despair, loneliness, but with love & care. I cannot actually explain, but he's the guy on that would admire you from a far, and you'll would never notice him. But once you see him, it will be intense. 
Matthew grace us with his presence in a few movies I loved. I never seen he's works on  stage "plays", but one day!

Matthew Macfadyen played "The way we live now" as Sir felix Carbury. Matthew played this character so well. 
That you'll develop a love and hate, for the character Sir felix. 
Matthew made this possibly, he does it in such an interesting way. 
 Matthew Is more known by the notably character Mr. Darcy. This was the first adaption I have seen of Pride & Prejudice. I was in love, Instantly. I watch Pride & Prejudice once a week. Crazy I know.

I have never had the pleasure of seeing Mr. Macfadyen on stage, someday I will that's a promise!
Matthew is first on the list of guy of month because he made me believe in true love, which I never thought exist. Of course am not that dumb to think this happens everyday, lol, I always would say love doesn't happen for all of us, but the ones that do experience it must be a great feeling. So he has made me believe. ah, All you need is a little faith, and patience.  "A star is born" Bow for Matthew Macfadyen.

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