Dream Guy Of The Month: Mr. All I Want For Christmas

Dream Guy
Of The Month of
December '12
Cillian Murphy
He's eyes are like ice & fire; with a hint of innocence. That will either terrify you, or dazzle your senses.
Cillian Murphy is the kind of guy many girls/women would wish for on holidays, or any special occasion...
His beauty is breathtaking...
There seems to be more too him than we know, or will ever know. Murphy seems to a have a life planned/destined to be an artist.

Cillian Murphy first started out as a lead singer for The Sons of Mr. Greengenes, that eventually led to a career in film; which at first was Mr.Murphy's means to meet women, and party. Yet, this Don Juan adventures lead Murphy to his future. As renowned thespian.
Cillian Murphy is known for he's beautiful eyes, and diverse performances.
However, this beauty is only known for his deviant roles.. That are spectacular, I might add.
Although, Cillian Murphy is quite popular, but also quite private... A man of mystery.. hmm I like!

I will admit Cillian Murphy is one of my celebrity crushes.. I have a thing for the androgynous look..

Cillian Murphy is dream guy of the month, not only for the obvious reason.. But, there seems to be a lot more too him, than what we can't see with the naked eye.
He seems very interesting . You gotta love a guy, that has something more too offer the world .. talent, beauty, a persona that keeps you guessing.
It can't get any better!

Have a great christmas & keep dreaming for that dream guy, because he may one day walk right into you imagination .
Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy 

Dream Guy Of The Month: Mr. Lovable

Dream Guy
Of The Month of
November 2012
~Brad Pitt~
Typical to name Brad Pitt as dream guy? huh....
Yeah, Yeah.. I know. Yet, I have facts to back it up! 
"Interview With The Vampire", "Seven" "Fight Club", known for dating, or being linked to Hollywood's most beautiful women... Must I continue??

Named by Empire, Forbes, People's Sexiest Man Alive and many other publication. And, yet snatched the most beautiful woman alive Angelina Jolie .. 
Yep, this Golden Globe Winner has earned it!
Yes, he's a great actor, good-looking,& aging gracefully, beautiful wife, & beautiful children what else is there too say? Why is Brad Pitt truly a dream guy?
Brad Pitt is also known for humanitarian work, and publicly against those who oppose to same sex marriages. Gotta love a man who stands up for he's beliefs!

Brad Pitt is the media golden ticket.
Many love, & adore Pitt not just because the women he has been linked too, or dashing good looks; But, Pitt's acting skills are superb.
I still remember how beautifully Pitt portray Benjamin Button in " The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button"  My Favorite Brad Pitt movie ever.
Romantic, and sentimental ( maudlin.. Hey, I had to say it)

Naming Brad Pitt as Dream guy of the month, is a no brainier. You have to name this guy. 
A face like that, and exquisite acting skills. Mr. Pitt is truly lovable you cannot hate him, no matter how much you try.. That's what makes him a Dream Guy

Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy 

Dream Guy Of The Month: Blair Underwood

Dream Guy
Of The Month of
October 2012 

Ah, Blair Underwood there is just something about him.... I haven't figured it out yet, maybe it's Voo-Doo I don't know what that is; I cant put my finger on it, when I find out I promise you'll be the first to know.

Blair Underwood has a smile for days, and a look that's refreshing 

I'm not a big fan of he's films. However, I did enjoy "Set It Off' & the ridiculous " Malibu's Most Wanted", & "Madea's Family Reunion ". Yet, he's recurring acts on television shows such as "Law & Order" , & "Sex In The City" are priceless.

Primetime television loves him.

From the cover of PlayGirl; Named People's 50 Most Beautiful People" & T.V Guide's " Most Influential Faces Of The 90's". Blair Underwood is also known for Humanitarian work.

Hmm, can it get any better.

I just adore Blair Underwood whenever I see his face on the screen, I just smile.. There just something amazing about his demeanour;

His effortless elegance.

Blair Underwood is dream guy of the month, because there just  something about him ... That Voo-doo He Do .. It's quite spectacular.

Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy 

Dream Guy Of The Month: Mr. Smooth Or Cary Grant Jr.?

Dream Guy
Of The Month of
September 2012
~Mr. Smooth Operator~
There are two things that remind me of George Clooney; Cary Grant, and black sweaters
I know right sounds kinda crazy Right?
Albeit, when you actually think about it George Clooney is  always in black, and when he wears the turtleneck black sweater, jeez I even have to catch my breath, it's like hes's own trademark. 
And, why Cary Grant?
Have you notice these two are very similar, to women they date, to even basic characteristic; debonair demeanor, and good looks, & the films.

Well George clooney is not dream guy of the month just because his similarties to the first smooth talker; Clooney is named dream guy, because his attributes comes not only from money, fame, and stautus, but his contributes to others by his humanitarian work; such as, supporting gay rights, & political activism. How could you not love a man that stand up for his beliefs?

Although, I'm not a big fan of his romance films, I always expect Clooney to do well in spy, and drama films. It suits him well.

Clooney has this smooth personality, that would make any woman go crazy, I guess that's what them keep coming, 'that's what she said!' lmao....
Suave personality, named many times People Magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive", great actor... I think you know where I'm going with this.. what a great catch, right? so the question is why is this man still single? lol.
Either there is something totally wrong with him, or he's just another dream guy....
Amour Toujours
Nailah D'aracy 

Dream Guy Of The Month: Mr. Rock 'n' Roll Dream

Dream Guy
Of The Month of 
August  '12
~ Mr. Rock 'n' Roll~
Sexy, Sexy, Sexy Lenny Kravitz 
Great Actor, Good-looking, Great Singer, Good looking.. Eh, did I mention he's good looking?... lol. 
Love Lenny Kravitz, love him, who doesn't right?
The first song I heard of he's was "It Aint Over Til It's Over" and I loved it; it had a blues, mix a with reggae sound. Amazing. 
But, that wasn't until the album "Lenny".  Which is an amazing album. "Lenny" was the album that drove me insanely in love with his work, and persona. This album  is inspiring and uplifting.
My all time favorite song By Lenny Kravitz, one song I instantly fell in love with, and still love til' this day "Again", the most beautiful song ever.
 He has a  maudlin touch, I Love it.

Although, there are many songs by Lenny Kravitz that are just simply genius.
What's really cool about Lenny Kravitz, is that he is  one of the few, African American's doing the Rock 'n' Roll sound now, which is amazing. 
Although, at the begging many record labels thought otherwise.
"With record labels still telling him his music wasn't "black enough" or "white enough,"
Lenny Kravitz lyrics are spiritual, hippy, and soulful; which make his music more heartfelt. 
I always listen to his music for a pick-me-up; makes me feel better and free. lol a little cheesy I know, but hey I'm cheesy. lol.
He's not dream guy of the month only because of his talents, yes he has an amazing talent; Albeit Lenny Kravitz music is not cliche; it brings joy, and make others feel free, and closer to something that may not be seen, but within ourselves, something we haven't yet discover in ourselves, that's waiting to come out...
How can not love a guy that inspire you, and has a romantic side ??
Come on?? lol

Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy 

Dream Guy Of The Month: Mr. Intensity

Dream Guy
Of The Month of 
July  12'
Oliver Martinez
 Over the weekend I watched " Unfaithful", and geez Oliver Martinez stole the show with one look, and one touch, and one kiss...  Oh, how I wish  I was Diane Lane . I had to give him the title of Dream guy of the month; Yeah, just for that wet-dream moment lol. 
I totally forgot how hott Oliver Martinez was.....

I went through Martinez filmography, noticed he never had that O-M-G break through role, but I did notice his womanizing kept him noticed; any guy that keeps Kylie Minogue, & Halle Berry's interest, must be good a something?... lol maybe he could add that too he's resume? lol

Although, I never remember him as an actor, I always remember that body, that face, and that intensity; leave it to a French man to make something so simple so sexy. 
You know how some men sizzle, screams sex, while in this case Oliver Martinez screams rough sex lol.. Am so horrible I know!

Clearly in this case of Dream Guy Of The Month, is just pure superficial, hey I am allowed to be sometimes; can't be serious Nailah every day. lol
Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy

Dream Guy Of The Month: Mr. Birthday?

Dream Guy Of The Month
                                           Of June 2012
                                   Mr. Birthday
                                   Liam Neeson 
Liam Neeson! I love him. 
He's an amazing actor, and oh yeah we share the same birthday. That would make him better than, any guy I've written about before! lol.
His voice is so rememberable ( a June 7th thing! lol). 

There are a lot of films, in which Liam Neeson has starred in changed my ways of thinking; such as "Kinsey" & "Schindler's List", and even his fun cutesy manly action films such as "The Chronicles of Narnia" film series & "Wrath of the Titans". 
Liam Neeson does so well with the save the day films; his exterior comes off serious and not someone to be mess with. That would give any guy a dream guy aura...
I think he is an amazing actor, with a beautiful strong voice, and a wonderful career he has had, and ahead of him. He eyes tell a story.. A deep sentimental but very strong, and loving ( a June 7th charm lol) 

Liam Neeson not "Dream Guy Of The Month" solely because he shares the same birthday as me, no! ( ok, just a little bit) 
But, honestly I love him as a actor, with his break through role as Oskar Schindler.. He had me as a fan, in less than twenty minuets into watching the film.

Liam Neeson signifies wisdom to me, he comes off as a wise guy.. weird I know; but I admire that.  
How Could you not?

Amour Toujours
Nailah D'arcy 

Dream Guy Of The Month Of May: Mr. Blue Eyes

Dream Guy Of The Month
Of May
Luke Goss 
Wonderful Luke Goss
I've always called him the Good Guy Type; but his blues eyes are so prevalent, that I had to give him the name Mr. Blue Eyes,
And no this not Frank Sinatra... lmao

Luke Goss is another case of what age can do for you? or better yet some people.
Some people look so much better as they age, and Luke Goss is one of them!
he's so dreamy, and those eyes! amazing

The first film I ever saw Luke Goss in was "One Night With the King".
Wow, this film was not that amazing, but gosh I would rent it again just too see him. lol
Luke GossI know Luke Goss has been in many other films, but with Luke Goss playing "King Xerxes" he just took my breathe away.

Luke Goss was actually a singer, before he became an actor.
Luke and his twin brother Matt was in a group in the 1980's called Bros, and let me tell you they look just a like! haircut, style, smile! everything; you honestly could not tell them apart; two dreamy guys!
 It really cannot get any better than that! lol
This really should be "Twin Goss of the week"! or something of that sort!
Ok let's just stick with Luke! lol
He dream guy of the month, because I like his style and smile, also those eyes.
I can't wait to see Mr. Goss grace us, with he's apperance on more films!
Keep on dreaming for that dream guy, until then.....
Amour Toujours
Nailah d'arcy 

Dream Guy Of The Month Of April: Mr. Bad Boy

Dream Guy Of 
The Month Of 
April 2012
~Mr. Bad Boy~
Marlon Brando, Marlon Brando, Marlon Brando, Marlon Brandon, Marlon Brandon, Marlon Brando
I can say his name a million times! and the admiration never leaves my voice. 
Funny right lol.  
I been a fan for a very, very, very long time. I love almost everything about him. Marlon Brando has this magnet charm, it's like he's pulling you too him. 
Ah, amazing.
I love him in "Guys & Dolls",  and of course "The Godfather". Not only was he a great actor Mr. Brando has done a lot for Civil Rights and race oppression. Mr. Brando seems to be a very generous, & caring, with a hint of a bad boy charm. 
You gotta love a guy with a big heart, and good-looking, it seems you couldn't get any better!

He's one person I have always wanted to meet . Mr. Brando seems like a very wise, polished, & refined.  In simple words a cultured man "A man of the world". I only wish more men were like him!

Also,  I love a man that carry himself well,  Marlon Brando does that amazingly, very confident but classy all at the same time; not a lot men can do that!  He ooze sex appeal. Mmmmm

He's guy of the month, because I admire him, there are so many great things about he's personality, and he's charm and beauty.
Rester glamour et scandaleux
Amour toujours
Nailah D'arcy

Dream Guy Of The Month Of March: Mr. Marriage Material

Mr. Collin firth. Dream Guy Of the Month 
March 2012
The famous Colin Firth well known for his famous role in Pride & Prejudice Hint ( the water scene LOL).   He's the most famous Mr. Darcy,  and actually played Mark Darcy Bridget Jones Diary; a Pride & Prejudice variation .  I admire him for his softness, and easy manner.  There is something about him that makes you feel protected.  

Mr. firth can walk into a room and would be noticed quickly. He has a smile for days,  you will always remember his smile it's a toss between care, and honesty.  I fell in love with his elegance, and softness... He's marriage material! 
Mr. firth is part of " Brit pack" known as the  most establish British actors. From the English Patient, Valmot, too the King's speech.  He is an amazing  actor! Time magazine 100 Most Influential April 2011.  Yes, this one is a dream guy! 
Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy 

Dream Guy Of The Month Of February: Mr. Aquarius

                        Dream Guy Of The Month
                                     Of February 2012
                              Joseph Gordon-Levitt
                                   Mr. Aquarius 
I've actually have had a crush on him since he grace us with his presence on television.  I always known him as that cute weird nerd from 3rd Rock From The Sun.  
There is just something about him.  
Mr. Gordon Levitt has a  awkwardly handsome, or maybe I have a thing for Aquarius men? 

Hseem like that kinda guy that's very quiet,  shy,  also genuine and fun to be around. 
Marriage material!?
He also seems like a funny guy,  but a little uptight ( from what I seen) lol.  I hope I am right. lol  
But I've always seem to notice to him in ever movie,  know matter how small or big of a part he plays.  Maybe it's he style,  he dresses well.  Ah, am going to give it up! am never going to figure it out! lol

He also a very great actor, with a promising future and seems to be a vivid business man these days.  Hey I can always respect that.  I will admit I have not seen a lot of he's movies,  because I am way more a time period movie person!.  But I loved him in Inception, 10 things I hate about you,  500 days of Summer, and 3rd Rock from the sun , 50/50.  
But I never seem to forget him, there is something about him! I can't put my finger on it. lol.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt is dream guy of the week because "He's The Man Of Mystery" I think there is way more to his personality than from what we have seen. Not because his famous, their is just this glow about him.  
A difference. He seem to have that complex personality,  and that's sexy.  
And that's why he's Dream Guy Of The Month!

Amour Toujours
Nailah D'arcy 


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