Dream Guy Of The Month Of February: Mr. Aquarius

                        Dream Guy Of The Month
                                     Of February 2012
                              Joseph Gordon-Levitt
                                   Mr. Aquarius 
I've actually have had a crush on him since he grace us with his presence on television.  I always known him as that cute weird nerd from 3rd Rock From The Sun.  
There is just something about him.  
Mr. Gordon Levitt has a  awkwardly handsome, or maybe I have a thing for Aquarius men? 

Hseem like that kinda guy that's very quiet,  shy,  also genuine and fun to be around. 
Marriage material!?
He also seems like a funny guy,  but a little uptight ( from what I seen) lol.  I hope I am right. lol  
But I've always seem to notice to him in ever movie,  know matter how small or big of a part he plays.  Maybe it's he style,  he dresses well.  Ah, am going to give it up! am never going to figure it out! lol

He also a very great actor, with a promising future and seems to be a vivid business man these days.  Hey I can always respect that.  I will admit I have not seen a lot of he's movies,  because I am way more a time period movie person!.  But I loved him in Inception, 10 things I hate about you,  500 days of Summer, and 3rd Rock from the sun , 50/50.  
But I never seem to forget him, there is something about him! I can't put my finger on it. lol.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt is dream guy of the week because "He's The Man Of Mystery" I think there is way more to his personality than from what we have seen. Not because his famous, their is just this glow about him.  
A difference. He seem to have that complex personality,  and that's sexy.  
And that's why he's Dream Guy Of The Month!

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