Dream Guy Of The Month Of March: Mr. Marriage Material

Mr. Collin firth. Dream Guy Of the Month 
March 2012
The famous Colin Firth well known for his famous role in Pride & Prejudice Hint ( the water scene LOL).   He's the most famous Mr. Darcy,  and actually played Mark Darcy Bridget Jones Diary; a Pride & Prejudice variation .  I admire him for his softness, and easy manner.  There is something about him that makes you feel protected.  

Mr. firth can walk into a room and would be noticed quickly. He has a smile for days,  you will always remember his smile it's a toss between care, and honesty.  I fell in love with his elegance, and softness... He's marriage material! 
Mr. firth is part of " Brit pack" known as the  most establish British actors. From the English Patient, Valmot, too the King's speech.  He is an amazing  actor! Time magazine 100 Most Influential April 2011.  Yes, this one is a dream guy! 
Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy 


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