Dream Guy Of The Month Of May: Mr. Blue Eyes

Dream Guy Of The Month
Of May
Luke Goss 
Wonderful Luke Goss
I've always called him the Good Guy Type; but his blues eyes are so prevalent, that I had to give him the name Mr. Blue Eyes,
And no this not Frank Sinatra... lmao

Luke Goss is another case of what age can do for you? or better yet some people.
Some people look so much better as they age, and Luke Goss is one of them!
he's so dreamy, and those eyes! amazing

The first film I ever saw Luke Goss in was "One Night With the King".
Wow, this film was not that amazing, but gosh I would rent it again just too see him. lol
Luke GossI know Luke Goss has been in many other films, but with Luke Goss playing "King Xerxes" he just took my breathe away.

Luke Goss was actually a singer, before he became an actor.
Luke and his twin brother Matt was in a group in the 1980's called Bros, and let me tell you they look just a like! haircut, style, smile! everything; you honestly could not tell them apart; two dreamy guys!
 It really cannot get any better than that! lol
This really should be "Twin Goss of the week"! or something of that sort!
Ok let's just stick with Luke! lol
He dream guy of the month, because I like his style and smile, also those eyes.
I can't wait to see Mr. Goss grace us, with he's apperance on more films!
Keep on dreaming for that dream guy, until then.....
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