Dream Guy Of The Month: Mr. Birthday?

Dream Guy Of The Month
                                           Of June 2012
                                   Mr. Birthday
                                   Liam Neeson 
Liam Neeson! I love him. 
He's an amazing actor, and oh yeah we share the same birthday. That would make him better than, any guy I've written about before! lol.
His voice is so rememberable ( a June 7th thing! lol). 

There are a lot of films, in which Liam Neeson has starred in changed my ways of thinking; such as "Kinsey" & "Schindler's List", and even his fun cutesy manly action films such as "The Chronicles of Narnia" film series & "Wrath of the Titans". 
Liam Neeson does so well with the save the day films; his exterior comes off serious and not someone to be mess with. That would give any guy a dream guy aura...
I think he is an amazing actor, with a beautiful strong voice, and a wonderful career he has had, and ahead of him. He eyes tell a story.. A deep sentimental but very strong, and loving ( a June 7th charm lol) 

Liam Neeson not "Dream Guy Of The Month" solely because he shares the same birthday as me, no! ( ok, just a little bit) 
But, honestly I love him as a actor, with his break through role as Oskar Schindler.. He had me as a fan, in less than twenty minuets into watching the film.

Liam Neeson signifies wisdom to me, he comes off as a wise guy.. weird I know; but I admire that.  
How Could you not?

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