Dream Guy Of The Month: Mr. Intensity

Dream Guy
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July  12'
Oliver Martinez
 Over the weekend I watched " Unfaithful", and geez Oliver Martinez stole the show with one look, and one touch, and one kiss...  Oh, how I wish  I was Diane Lane . I had to give him the title of Dream guy of the month; Yeah, just for that wet-dream moment lol. 
I totally forgot how hott Oliver Martinez was.....

I went through Martinez filmography, noticed he never had that O-M-G break through role, but I did notice his womanizing kept him noticed; any guy that keeps Kylie Minogue, & Halle Berry's interest, must be good a something?... lol maybe he could add that too he's resume? lol

Although, I never remember him as an actor, I always remember that body, that face, and that intensity; leave it to a French man to make something so simple so sexy. 
You know how some men sizzle, screams sex, while in this case Oliver Martinez screams rough sex lol.. Am so horrible I know!

Clearly in this case of Dream Guy Of The Month, is just pure superficial, hey I am allowed to be sometimes; can't be serious Nailah every day. lol
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