Dream Guy Of The Month: Mr. Rock 'n' Roll Dream

Dream Guy
Of The Month of 
August  '12
~ Mr. Rock 'n' Roll~
Sexy, Sexy, Sexy Lenny Kravitz 
Great Actor, Good-looking, Great Singer, Good looking.. Eh, did I mention he's good looking?... lol. 
Love Lenny Kravitz, love him, who doesn't right?
The first song I heard of he's was "It Aint Over Til It's Over" and I loved it; it had a blues, mix a with reggae sound. Amazing. 
But, that wasn't until the album "Lenny".  Which is an amazing album. "Lenny" was the album that drove me insanely in love with his work, and persona. This album  is inspiring and uplifting.
My all time favorite song By Lenny Kravitz, one song I instantly fell in love with, and still love til' this day "Again", the most beautiful song ever.
 He has a  maudlin touch, I Love it.

Although, there are many songs by Lenny Kravitz that are just simply genius.
What's really cool about Lenny Kravitz, is that he is  one of the few, African American's doing the Rock 'n' Roll sound now, which is amazing. 
Although, at the begging many record labels thought otherwise.
"With record labels still telling him his music wasn't "black enough" or "white enough,"
Lenny Kravitz lyrics are spiritual, hippy, and soulful; which make his music more heartfelt. 
I always listen to his music for a pick-me-up; makes me feel better and free. lol a little cheesy I know, but hey I'm cheesy. lol.
He's not dream guy of the month only because of his talents, yes he has an amazing talent; Albeit Lenny Kravitz music is not cliche; it brings joy, and make others feel free, and closer to something that may not be seen, but within ourselves, something we haven't yet discover in ourselves, that's waiting to come out...
How can not love a guy that inspire you, and has a romantic side ??
Come on?? lol

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Nailah D'arcy 


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