Dream Guy Of The Month: Mr. Smooth Or Cary Grant Jr.?

Dream Guy
Of The Month of
September 2012
~Mr. Smooth Operator~
There are two things that remind me of George Clooney; Cary Grant, and black sweaters
I know right sounds kinda crazy Right?
Albeit, when you actually think about it George Clooney is  always in black, and when he wears the turtleneck black sweater, jeez I even have to catch my breath, it's like hes's own trademark. 
And, why Cary Grant?
Have you notice these two are very similar, to women they date, to even basic characteristic; debonair demeanor, and good looks, & the films.

Well George clooney is not dream guy of the month just because his similarties to the first smooth talker; Clooney is named dream guy, because his attributes comes not only from money, fame, and stautus, but his contributes to others by his humanitarian work; such as, supporting gay rights, & political activism. How could you not love a man that stand up for his beliefs?

Although, I'm not a big fan of his romance films, I always expect Clooney to do well in spy, and drama films. It suits him well.

Clooney has this smooth personality, that would make any woman go crazy, I guess that's what them keep coming, 'that's what she said!' lmao....
Suave personality, named many times People Magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive", great actor... I think you know where I'm going with this.. what a great catch, right? so the question is why is this man still single? lol.
Either there is something totally wrong with him, or he's just another dream guy....
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