Dream Guy Of The Month: Blair Underwood

Dream Guy
Of The Month of
October 2012 

Ah, Blair Underwood there is just something about him.... I haven't figured it out yet, maybe it's Voo-Doo I don't know what that is; I cant put my finger on it, when I find out I promise you'll be the first to know.

Blair Underwood has a smile for days, and a look that's refreshing 

I'm not a big fan of he's films. However, I did enjoy "Set It Off' & the ridiculous " Malibu's Most Wanted", & "Madea's Family Reunion ". Yet, he's recurring acts on television shows such as "Law & Order" , & "Sex In The City" are priceless.

Primetime television loves him.

From the cover of PlayGirl; Named People's 50 Most Beautiful People" & T.V Guide's " Most Influential Faces Of The 90's". Blair Underwood is also known for Humanitarian work.

Hmm, can it get any better.

I just adore Blair Underwood whenever I see his face on the screen, I just smile.. There just something amazing about his demeanour;

His effortless elegance.

Blair Underwood is dream guy of the month, because there just  something about him ... That Voo-doo He Do .. It's quite spectacular.

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Nailah D'arcy 


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