Dream Guy Of The Month: Mr. Lovable

Dream Guy
Of The Month of
November 2012
~Brad Pitt~
Typical to name Brad Pitt as dream guy? huh....
Yeah, Yeah.. I know. Yet, I have facts to back it up! 
"Interview With The Vampire", "Seven" "Fight Club", known for dating, or being linked to Hollywood's most beautiful women... Must I continue??

Named by Empire, Forbes, People's Sexiest Man Alive and many other publication. And, yet snatched the most beautiful woman alive Angelina Jolie .. 
Yep, this Golden Globe Winner has earned it!
Yes, he's a great actor, good-looking,& aging gracefully, beautiful wife, & beautiful children what else is there too say? Why is Brad Pitt truly a dream guy?
Brad Pitt is also known for humanitarian work, and publicly against those who oppose to same sex marriages. Gotta love a man who stands up for he's beliefs!

Brad Pitt is the media golden ticket.
Many love, & adore Pitt not just because the women he has been linked too, or dashing good looks; But, Pitt's acting skills are superb.
I still remember how beautifully Pitt portray Benjamin Button in " The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button"  My Favorite Brad Pitt movie ever.
Romantic, and sentimental ( maudlin.. Hey, I had to say it)

Naming Brad Pitt as Dream guy of the month, is a no brainier. You have to name this guy. 
A face like that, and exquisite acting skills. Mr. Pitt is truly lovable you cannot hate him, no matter how much you try.. That's what makes him a Dream Guy

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