Dream Guy Of The Month: Mr. All I Want For Christmas

Dream Guy
Of The Month of
December '12
Cillian Murphy
He's eyes are like ice & fire; with a hint of innocence. That will either terrify you, or dazzle your senses.
Cillian Murphy is the kind of guy many girls/women would wish for on holidays, or any special occasion...
His beauty is breathtaking...
There seems to be more too him than we know, or will ever know. Murphy seems to a have a life planned/destined to be an artist.

Cillian Murphy first started out as a lead singer for The Sons of Mr. Greengenes, that eventually led to a career in film; which at first was Mr.Murphy's means to meet women, and party. Yet, this Don Juan adventures lead Murphy to his future. As renowned thespian.
Cillian Murphy is known for he's beautiful eyes, and diverse performances.
However, this beauty is only known for his deviant roles.. That are spectacular, I might add.
Although, Cillian Murphy is quite popular, but also quite private... A man of mystery.. hmm I like!

I will admit Cillian Murphy is one of my celebrity crushes.. I have a thing for the androgynous look..

Cillian Murphy is dream guy of the month, not only for the obvious reason.. But, there seems to be a lot more too him, than what we can't see with the naked eye.
He seems very interesting . You gotta love a guy, that has something more too offer the world .. talent, beauty, a persona that keeps you guessing.
It can't get any better!

Have a great christmas & keep dreaming for that dream guy, because he may one day walk right into you imagination .
Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy 



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