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Mes Amours,
I'm pretty sure you all  noticed I have been in a slippery slop of hiatus; posting less and less. I'll be posting even less these upcoming months. Including Mlle Flamboyant, Dream Guy, Song Of the Month, Artist Of the Month will come to a halt. I will not stop posting, indefinitely.
 Right now I'm working on a project, and I want it to be perfect so don't loss faith in Romantique Innocence I'll still be around. 

Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'aracy 

Dream Guy Of The Month: Mr. Libertine

Dream Guy
Of The Month Of
August 2013
Mr. Libertine
Johhny Depp the most sought out actor. And when he announced that he's not that far from retiring from acting.  I swear I almost shed a tear ( okay, I didn't) but he will be sorely missed. His acting skill ascends what most actors cant achieve, in at least one film in their lifetime. 

I can many titles to this mysterious Hottie has received. But we know he's hot, received Hollywood Walk Of Fame, Golden Globes... Yeah, Yeah, we all know.

Mr. Deep's career soared in the late 80's, yet landed a spot in A Nightmare on Elm Street before he became a house hold name. Mr. Depp landed the lead on a show called 21 Jump Street, the series made him into a teen idol.

That's until Edward Scissorhands, and the enigma of Johhny Depp began, and a tag team of the imaginative Burton bombarded into his world of creative, and work of genius that has become classics.

The duo has created extraordinary work. Honestly, I do  have to the name the many great movies these guys put forth?

Johhny Deep is also known for musical abilities. Making guest appearances on the albums of renowned rock stars, such as Shane MacGowan, Marilyn Manson; and many  appearance in music videos. Even Johnny's was part of a group called "P". 

His Mercurial abilities hold no bounds.
His acting compared to other actors, is not even up for discussion.
His films are beautiful, and truly if he ever leaves Hollywood he will be sorely missed, not just by the industry, by devoted fans.

 Good acting is hard to come by; yeah, some actors are okay, but Depp has taken acting to another level of depth, and intuitive.

I can sit here, and say all the great things Mr. Depp does in his donations, and art, etc. But I can't this time; this artist deserves more than other repetition praise; so I'll keep is simple, because he doesn't seem like a man of many words.
Johnny Depp is the best actor of this generation, that's why his dream guy.

Amour Toujors
Nailah D'arcy 

Dream Guy Of The Month:Justin Timberlake

Dream Guy
Of The Month Of
July 2013
Mr. Old Crush
Oh, I remember my girlish crush on JT back in 1996.
His days in *NSYNC blew him into what he is now, the mega actor/singer. I remember his famous cry baby face, and I knew right then and there that he's going to be huge. You always seemed to forget everyone else in the group, but not this cutie. There was just something about him

Justin made his first appearance on Star Search, then the Mickey Mouse Club; in 1995 *NSYNC; Afterwards Mr. Timberlake made his way into an acting career, and developed one of my favorite albums by him "Justified". A mixture of great producing by the Neptunes, and Timbaland.

Albeit, I was quite surprised how diverse Justin Timberlake.
business ventures expanded. Many endorsements, many charitable events. Although, I heard bits and pieces of the new album, I have to say I miss the Old JT.

Ah, JT has come far, the only member from Nsync who made a name for himself inside the film, and music. Although, his acting career is not something you can gloat about. Neverthlesss, it is promising( gosh, I've been using that word a lot lately). Justin Timberlake has many hits under his belt, a face to die for, and talent that's ageless that's why Mr. Timberlake is a dream guy.....

Amour Toujours
Nailah D'arcy

Dream Guy Of The Month: Will Smith

Dream Guy
Of The Month Of
June 2013
Mr. Goofy?
Big Willy Style, gosh did I say that?.... 
What was Will Smith thinking, music wasn't his calling. Yet, acting is his expertise. He stepped into the movie business, and it was done a deal. His acting is powerful, and heartfelt.
However, before big box office films,
Will Smith was mostly known as a rapper. The first every Grammy Winner of the Rap Category.

In early 90's Mr. Smith signed with NBC for a sitcom that surrounds his person, this moment was set in
stone, and paved the way to blockbuster new star studded actor. After that it was a done deal.
 Let me just name Will Smith's Filmology: Bad Boys I & II, "Independence Day",  "Ali", "The Pursuit of Happiness", "Seven Pounds"...
Quite impressive when you sit, and review and look over his work.
He's come far from the kid from West Philadelphia, living with his uncle Phil, and wise cracks at Carlton.

The four time Grammy Winner.. Now has the right to be called Suave, Debonair, Not Goofy?
Will Smith is dream guy because he establish an empire. You have to respect that. I'm not a big fan, but they are many who adore this man, and that cannot be ignored.

Amour Toujours
Nailah D'arcy

Dream Guy Of The Month: Mr. Lover

Dream Guy
Of The Month Of
May 2013
Mr. Lover 
What a hottie.
Golden Globe, & Emmy Winner.
 Jonathan Rhys Meyers talent lies in his hypnotic acting ability.
 Eyes that seethe to your soul, and displays a sensitivity, shouts fear, and a temptation wrapped up into one man, that is known for his sensuous acting ability.
 My Review.
Nevertheless, I first came upon this amazing actor watching " Match Point" which was amazing; I recommend you go and rent, buy, borrow this movie, whatever. But you've go to see this movie.

His effortless good looks, has made Jonathan Rhys Meyers a poster boy for Hugo Boss fragrance, Versace Men's Collection. His modeling career  is just as promising, as his acting career.
Jonathan Rhys Meyers elegance incorporate into his acting. With his name in lights near the infamous HenyVIII, and many more in the rakes, in that genre.

Yet, the la beaut also dabs in music artistry. A self taught guitarist, and singer, which was displayed in many films, Mr. Meyers starred in. 

Mr. Meyers is dream guy, because his libido screams through the screen. Sometimes being the pretty doesn't get the last laugh, however, it will receive the last smile.
Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy 

Dream Guy Of The Month: Mr. Sexual Chocolate

Dream Guy
Of The Month Of
April 2013
Tyson Beckford
Sexy Chocolate, Sexy Chocolate,  Sexy Chocolate, 
Tyson is making a name for this pseudonym. 

Eddie Murphy has used this name is vain, with the making of Randy Watson; while Tyson used it in the truthful way. 
Shame on you Mr. Murphy.

Ah, what can I say about this hottie that hasn't been already said. The picture above speaks more volume, than words can describe. Mr. Tyson Beckford is mostly Known as a Ralph Lauren Polo model. 

However, Tyson was discovered in 1992, and was recruited for a Hip-hop magazine. That brought forth his wonderful work as sportswear model. 
In the 90, Tyson was unstoppable. Being named as "Man Of The Year" 50 Most Beautiful People In The World" and much more. 

Tyson is also known for his guest appearances on model reality television, and once hosting a modeling reality series. 

Yet, all I can every remember was those lovely music videos with Toni Braxton Un-Break My Heart ( please do not forget the shower scene), and Breathe Again, many other music videos, with well known singers, and rappers: like Britney SpearsThe Notorious B.I.G., SWV, and many more. 

I mean really I have to respect a man, that receives an income for being handsome.

Tyson Beckford is extremely beautiful, he has an amazing body, but I must say I love his eyes the most.

The intensity.
 Need I say more.

So please Randy Watson stop using Sexy Chocolate in Vain, and get off of the stage. Lmao

Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy

Dream Guy Of The Month: Mr. Boy Next Door

Dream Guy
Of The Month Of
March 2013
Taylor Lautner
Taylor Lautner
Taylor Lautner. All I had to do is speak his name, and numerous raving teenagers will account to his stunning looks, and an amazing body. 
Taylor Lautner
I to, am a Twilight fan. I have to admit Mr. Lautner is a little Cutie. The dimples, a great body, a great dresser ..
 The Twilight saga "  has made unknown hotties into overnight teen idols. You put a full of sexy actors/actress.. what you think these teenagers going to rant, and rave about..  Teenage hormones, are something else. Yet, Twilight has also become popular among all ages.
Taylor Lautner
Taylor Lautner has won many teen awards, for his role as Jacob Black, and named by many the "hottest abs", and "sex symbol" by Glamour,GQ, Rolling Stone, People, and Access Hollywood.
This Cutie has been linked too Hollywood teen idols such as  Taylor Swift, & Selena Gomez.
Taylor LautnerIn simple words, Taylor Lautner is just a down-right cute. with mediocre acting skills, yet I can't wait to see what he'll become in the future. I think he has the drive to become bigger, & better than many of the other Twlight actors/actress.

Mr. Lautner is named Dream guy of the month, just because of that smile, and his future looks quite promising. In fact, long-term he'll become the a-list star, instead Of Robert Pattinsion.
Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy 

Dream Guy Of The Month: Mr. Sesnual OMG Lips

Dream Guy
Of The Month of
February 2013
LL Cool J
Boy, was he big in the 90's and 00's.. Lips, pretty eyes, great complexion, nice voice.. just nice everything.. 
He went from mama's going to knock you out, to NCIS..
LL cool J made a name as a powerful rapper, now known as a business man, novelist, entrepreneur, and fashion designer. Starring in films such as: Halloween H20, Deliver Us from Eva, Last Holiday & funny Deep Blue Sea.. and other well known prime time television shows like House, & 30 Rock.. and many more. 
LL cool j is on of the best looking rappers out today, and made a nice career in Hollywood for himself. 
Known as one sexy man with a nice body, and luscious lips. 

This sexy rapper has a new album coming out.

With thirteen albums, and numerous television appearance, movies LL Cool J is a force that cannot be stopped.
I guess sexy don't sleep...

Amour Toujours
Nailah D'arcy

Dream Guy Of The Month:Mr. Caring Doctor

Dream Guy
Of The Month of
January 2013
Dr. Oz 
I think every young girl, once in their life dreamed of marrying a doctor. I mean really, just think how could you not fall in love with a guy that saves many from deteriorating health?
 I mean come on.
But, to be with the coolest doctor around; well that would make it even better. Just the icing on a cake ( whatever, cake you like). 

This Harvard graduate, is never afraid of controversial topic, always challenging he's audience, viewers, and featuring guest. 
Dr. Mehmet Oz is not only a renowned doctor, he is also earned notability by: television shows, New York Times Best selling books, various awards, & honors. 
And not only that, Doctor Oz gives ideas, and ideals the benefit of the doubt, which is respectable. Not a lot of doctors, or men would even listen, too what many would consider nonsense. 
Even with know rhythm, Dr.Oz still makes rhythmic moments towards better health, for all. 
He's just the caring doctor, that what makes him a dream guy!
Amour Toujours
Nailah D'arcy 


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