Dream Guy Of The Month:Mr. Caring Doctor

Dream Guy
Of The Month of
January 2013
Dr. Oz 
I think every young girl, once in their life dreamed of marrying a doctor. I mean really, just think how could you not fall in love with a guy that saves many from deteriorating health?
 I mean come on.
But, to be with the coolest doctor around; well that would make it even better. Just the icing on a cake ( whatever, cake you like). 

This Harvard graduate, is never afraid of controversial topic, always challenging he's audience, viewers, and featuring guest. 
Dr. Mehmet Oz is not only a renowned doctor, he is also earned notability by: television shows, New York Times Best selling books, various awards, & honors. 
And not only that, Doctor Oz gives ideas, and ideals the benefit of the doubt, which is respectable. Not a lot of doctors, or men would even listen, too what many would consider nonsense. 
Even with know rhythm, Dr.Oz still makes rhythmic moments towards better health, for all. 
He's just the caring doctor, that what makes him a dream guy!
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