Dream Guy Of The Month: Mr. Sesnual OMG Lips

Dream Guy
Of The Month of
February 2013
LL Cool J
Boy, was he big in the 90's and 00's.. Lips, pretty eyes, great complexion, nice voice.. just nice everything.. 
He went from mama's going to knock you out, to NCIS..
LL cool J made a name as a powerful rapper, now known as a business man, novelist, entrepreneur, and fashion designer. Starring in films such as: Halloween H20, Deliver Us from Eva, Last Holiday & funny Deep Blue Sea.. and other well known prime time television shows like House, & 30 Rock.. and many more. 
LL cool j is on of the best looking rappers out today, and made a nice career in Hollywood for himself. 
Known as one sexy man with a nice body, and luscious lips. 

This sexy rapper has a new album coming out.

With thirteen albums, and numerous television appearance, movies LL Cool J is a force that cannot be stopped.
I guess sexy don't sleep...

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