Dream Guy Of The Month: Mr. Boy Next Door

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March 2013
Taylor Lautner
Taylor Lautner
Taylor Lautner. All I had to do is speak his name, and numerous raving teenagers will account to his stunning looks, and an amazing body. 
Taylor Lautner
I to, am a Twilight fan. I have to admit Mr. Lautner is a little Cutie. The dimples, a great body, a great dresser ..
 The Twilight saga "  has made unknown hotties into overnight teen idols. You put a full of sexy actors/actress.. what you think these teenagers going to rant, and rave about..  Teenage hormones, are something else. Yet, Twilight has also become popular among all ages.
Taylor Lautner
Taylor Lautner has won many teen awards, for his role as Jacob Black, and named by many the "hottest abs", and "sex symbol" by Glamour,GQ, Rolling Stone, People, and Access Hollywood.
This Cutie has been linked too Hollywood teen idols such as  Taylor Swift, & Selena Gomez.
Taylor LautnerIn simple words, Taylor Lautner is just a down-right cute. with mediocre acting skills, yet I can't wait to see what he'll become in the future. I think he has the drive to become bigger, & better than many of the other Twlight actors/actress.

Mr. Lautner is named Dream guy of the month, just because of that smile, and his future looks quite promising. In fact, long-term he'll become the a-list star, instead Of Robert Pattinsion.
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