Dream Guy Of The Month: Mr. Sexual Chocolate

Dream Guy
Of The Month Of
April 2013
Tyson Beckford
Sexy Chocolate, Sexy Chocolate,  Sexy Chocolate, 
Tyson is making a name for this pseudonym. 

Eddie Murphy has used this name is vain, with the making of Randy Watson; while Tyson used it in the truthful way. 
Shame on you Mr. Murphy.

Ah, what can I say about this hottie that hasn't been already said. The picture above speaks more volume, than words can describe. Mr. Tyson Beckford is mostly Known as a Ralph Lauren Polo model. 

However, Tyson was discovered in 1992, and was recruited for a Hip-hop magazine. That brought forth his wonderful work as sportswear model. 
In the 90, Tyson was unstoppable. Being named as "Man Of The Year" 50 Most Beautiful People In The World" and much more. 

Tyson is also known for his guest appearances on model reality television, and once hosting a modeling reality series. 

Yet, all I can every remember was those lovely music videos with Toni Braxton Un-Break My Heart ( please do not forget the shower scene), and Breathe Again, many other music videos, with well known singers, and rappers: like Britney SpearsThe Notorious B.I.G., SWV, and many more. 

I mean really I have to respect a man, that receives an income for being handsome.

Tyson Beckford is extremely beautiful, he has an amazing body, but I must say I love his eyes the most.

The intensity.
 Need I say more.

So please Randy Watson stop using Sexy Chocolate in Vain, and get off of the stage. Lmao

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