Dream Guy Of The Month: Mr. Lover

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May 2013
Mr. Lover 
What a hottie.
Golden Globe, & Emmy Winner.
 Jonathan Rhys Meyers talent lies in his hypnotic acting ability.
 Eyes that seethe to your soul, and displays a sensitivity, shouts fear, and a temptation wrapped up into one man, that is known for his sensuous acting ability.
 My Review.
Nevertheless, I first came upon this amazing actor watching " Match Point" which was amazing; I recommend you go and rent, buy, borrow this movie, whatever. But you've go to see this movie.

His effortless good looks, has made Jonathan Rhys Meyers a poster boy for Hugo Boss fragrance, Versace Men's Collection. His modeling career  is just as promising, as his acting career.
Jonathan Rhys Meyers elegance incorporate into his acting. With his name in lights near the infamous HenyVIII, and many more in the rakes, in that genre.

Yet, the la beaut also dabs in music artistry. A self taught guitarist, and singer, which was displayed in many films, Mr. Meyers starred in. 

Mr. Meyers is dream guy, because his libido screams through the screen. Sometimes being the pretty doesn't get the last laugh, however, it will receive the last smile.
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