Dream Guy Of The Month: Will Smith

Dream Guy
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June 2013
Mr. Goofy?
Big Willy Style, gosh did I say that?.... 
What was Will Smith thinking, music wasn't his calling. Yet, acting is his expertise. He stepped into the movie business, and it was done a deal. His acting is powerful, and heartfelt.
However, before big box office films,
Will Smith was mostly known as a rapper. The first every Grammy Winner of the Rap Category.

In early 90's Mr. Smith signed with NBC for a sitcom that surrounds his person, this moment was set in
stone, and paved the way to blockbuster new star studded actor. After that it was a done deal.
 Let me just name Will Smith's Filmology: Bad Boys I & II, "Independence Day",  "Ali", "The Pursuit of Happiness", "Seven Pounds"...
Quite impressive when you sit, and review and look over his work.
He's come far from the kid from West Philadelphia, living with his uncle Phil, and wise cracks at Carlton.

The four time Grammy Winner.. Now has the right to be called Suave, Debonair, Not Goofy?
Will Smith is dream guy because he establish an empire. You have to respect that. I'm not a big fan, but they are many who adore this man, and that cannot be ignored.

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