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July 2013
Mr. Old Crush
Oh, I remember my girlish crush on JT back in 1996.
His days in *NSYNC blew him into what he is now, the mega actor/singer. I remember his famous cry baby face, and I knew right then and there that he's going to be huge. You always seemed to forget everyone else in the group, but not this cutie. There was just something about him

Justin made his first appearance on Star Search, then the Mickey Mouse Club; in 1995 *NSYNC; Afterwards Mr. Timberlake made his way into an acting career, and developed one of my favorite albums by him "Justified". A mixture of great producing by the Neptunes, and Timbaland.

Albeit, I was quite surprised how diverse Justin Timberlake.
business ventures expanded. Many endorsements, many charitable events. Although, I heard bits and pieces of the new album, I have to say I miss the Old JT.

Ah, JT has come far, the only member from Nsync who made a name for himself inside the film, and music. Although, his acting career is not something you can gloat about. Neverthlesss, it is promising( gosh, I've been using that word a lot lately). Justin Timberlake has many hits under his belt, a face to die for, and talent that's ageless that's why Mr. Timberlake is a dream guy.....

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