Dream Guy Of The Month: Mr. Libertine

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August 2013
Mr. Libertine
Johhny Depp the most sought out actor. And when he announced that he's not that far from retiring from acting.  I swear I almost shed a tear ( okay, I didn't) but he will be sorely missed. His acting skill ascends what most actors cant achieve, in at least one film in their lifetime. 

I can many titles to this mysterious Hottie has received. But we know he's hot, received Hollywood Walk Of Fame, Golden Globes... Yeah, Yeah, we all know.

Mr. Deep's career soared in the late 80's, yet landed a spot in A Nightmare on Elm Street before he became a house hold name. Mr. Depp landed the lead on a show called 21 Jump Street, the series made him into a teen idol.

That's until Edward Scissorhands, and the enigma of Johhny Depp began, and a tag team of the imaginative Burton bombarded into his world of creative, and work of genius that has become classics.

The duo has created extraordinary work. Honestly, I do  have to the name the many great movies these guys put forth?

Johhny Deep is also known for musical abilities. Making guest appearances on the albums of renowned rock stars, such as Shane MacGowan, Marilyn Manson; and many  appearance in music videos. Even Johnny's was part of a group called "P". 

His Mercurial abilities hold no bounds.
His acting compared to other actors, is not even up for discussion.
His films are beautiful, and truly if he ever leaves Hollywood he will be sorely missed, not just by the industry, by devoted fans.

 Good acting is hard to come by; yeah, some actors are okay, but Depp has taken acting to another level of depth, and intuitive.

I can sit here, and say all the great things Mr. Depp does in his donations, and art, etc. But I can't this time; this artist deserves more than other repetition praise; so I'll keep is simple, because he doesn't seem like a man of many words.
Johnny Depp is the best actor of this generation, that's why his dream guy.

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